Each of the tools and accessories, all neatly stored in your garden shed, has a specific use.

Each of the tools and accessories, all neatly stored in your garden shed, has a specific use.

Each of the tools and accessories, all neatly stored in your garden shed, has a specific use.

The perfect gardener’s tools and equipment can’t be improvised, they allow you to do every task in the garden in the right way and with minimal effort, so start by equipping yourself with the basic essentials before you start buying big equipment or superfluous gadgets.

In addition to gloves and pruning shears, among the essential tools, you will need to equip yourself with a spade and fork spade or a grelinette, a serfouette or hoe, a shovel, a rake, a watering can and a lawn mower if you have a lawn, but for these large pieces of equipment you can also opt for second-hand equipment that will save you money.

The scarifier, the soil aeration tool

The scarifier is a manual or motorized implement, equipped with metal tines or knives. When a soil becomes too compacted due to rain, watering and frequent trampling, it should be decompacted by scarifying twice a year, in the spring and fall, on slightly wet ground.

Weeder or scraper, weeding tool

The scraper or weeder is used for weeding, i.e. for manual or mechanical weeding, scraping the soil superficially without turning it over. The weeder can be of different widths and have an oscillating blade, which allows a wider angle and can be used for both pulling and pushing if necessary. The blade should always be very sharp so that weeds can be cut with a single sharp blow, at the collar between the roots and the start of the stem, without pushing the tool further into the ground.

The weeder is also available in an oscillating version, which offers the possibility to move back and forth while moving on the weeding board.

The “crow’s-foot” weeder is triangular in shape, flat, with sharp edges so that it can be easily slipped under plants with plenty of vegetation.

How to maintain your pruning shears?

Like all tools, a garden pruning shears must be maintained because if it is dirty, badly sharpened or even outright unsuitable, the plants it will attack will suffer, whereas a very clean cut with a sharp blade will heal much more quickly. In addition, the gardener’s pleasure of working with an inefficient tool will quickly become dull. Even if you must make sure to clean and dry the pruning shears after each use, here are some indications to undertake the major annual maintenance of your pruning shears, before winter.

How to choose your mower tractor: tips, models and cost

The tractor mower, also known as a ride-on mower, is the ideal solution to make mowing the lawn in the garden no longer a chore and does not require a lot of physical effort. Equipped with a seat, the mowing tractor allows the operator to be comfortably installed on this machine so that he can drive it at will to cut all the grass in the garden.

The mower tractor is ideal for large areas.

What’s a lawn mower tractor for?

A tractor mower allows both easy mowing of large and wide areas of lawn as well as the collection of cut grass. It adapts to all types of terrain, sloping or with obstacles. This tool greatly facilitates the gardener’s task by saving him time. Where it takes hours to mow with an electric or thermal mower, the time required will be almost halved with a tractor mower. The mower tractor also relieves the gardener of the drudgery of this work. Its ease of driving makes it usable by the greatest number.

How to choose your hedge trimmer 

As its name suggests, a hedge trimmer is a tool that every good gardener should have if he or she has hedges, trees or shrubs to prune. This tool is very useful for clean and precise work, especially when the plants are tall and thick.

A hedge trimmer is a power tool consisting of a motor block that alternately operates toothed blades. These allow, by a sliding movement, to cut very precisely hedges, trees or shrubs without much effort, and even to make plant sculptures for gardeners with an artist’s soul! The blades of the hedge trimmer are arranged in the axis of the engine block which slides them one on top of the other and, thanks to their very sharp teeth, cut cleanly the branches and twigs caught between the blades.

A hedge trimmer is always held with two hands: one on a so-called “trigger” handle, the other on a “shield” handle, located at the back of the blades. A good grip is necessary to cut safely. Wear protective glasses and gloves, long-sleeved clothing and hearing protection are recommended to avoid accidents with the hedge trimmer.

A hedge trimmer requires careful maintenance after each use to keep it in good condition. Blades should already be well maintained by getting rid of plant debris and cleaned with methylated spirits if they are really dirty. Also remember to lubricate them regularly and store them in their sheath between uses. As soon as the blades are damaged, they must be changed. From time to time, check the bolts to ensure that the blades are securely fastened.

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a hedge trimmer?

The hedge trimmer must be adapted to the type of vegetation to be trimmed. Depending on its specific needs, different criteria have to be taken into account in order to make the right choice. The power of the engine, the characteristics of the blades and their teeth, the weight and the ergonomics of the hedge trimmer will depend on each type of crop cutting.

Several tools are still essential for garden maintenance but it’s up to you to see which tool is right for your garden.


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